Looks like my diary works again now. It wouldn’t let me post messages the last time I tried.

I really should re-write this site, it’s held together with spit and string. Well-written spit-and-string mind you, but this code is over a year old and now have some free time to fiddle. I just wish there was something more interesting than the overused Slashdot-style site layout. Maybe I’ll have a flash of inspiration and invent the Next Big Thing (or, since I can’t create nice looking sites to save my life, probably fail and make something bright red on green 🙂

Oh, and I’ve finished University! I’ve got four exams to do, and that’s it. No more… ever. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! My group project has been written up (it isn’t funny running out of printer paper at 5:30am, nor is it funny having to print your 70 page report out twice because the University want two copies).

If you’re a member of The LBC mailing list hello! I know someone there has looked at this page before 🙂

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