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Yes, more revision. Whoopee… Monday’s exam is Artificial Neural Networks. I don’t mind this subject, it’s quite interesting. Unfortunately a large part of it consists of chomping through pages of equations with nothing more than a scientific calculator (and I can’t use my Palm since the examiners wipe any programmable calculators). I’ve got my trusty Casio calculator that survived all of my School, College, and then my sister’s GCSEs. It has no screws holding it together and the screen comes off, but it can still add and tell me what (2/1+e^(-1*net))-1 is.

Had great fun attempting to buy Emily some plane tickets. You think there’d be an easy way of buying tickets for someone who doesn’t live in the same country as you… Expedia wanted to relieve me of £1100, which is just a little expensive. She found a local (to her) travel agent website thing that if she goes via Canada only costs £500 (which is still expensive, but affordable). They faxed me the booking form, I managed to delete it from our fax (it ran out of ink, and wouldn’t stop saying “Cartridge: 1 – new, 2 – old”, despite me pressing ‘1’. In the end I pressed the ‘stop’ button which sorted things out… it even displayed a message to tell me how sorted it was : “fax cancelled” aaargh!. I can program in more languages than I speak, and know which end of a soldering iron gets hot, but confront me with 10 buttons and an LCD screen and I’m lost :), I asked them to resend it and it got lost (you can fax to the US, but they can’t fax to us… very strange). I managed to get into work without setting any alarms off and sent the confirmation fax back at 11pm last night (oh, did I forget to mention I don’t own a faxmachine and haven’t worked out how to stop sendfax sending things 1/4 their original size?)…

Suppose I should get back to revision. Revision is very strange. It’s the process of going through everything you’ve done that year, working out what you know, and frantically re-learning things you don’t.

This will be a good test of my diary too… let’s see if it can handle a long entry 🙂

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