mmmmm! Ramen… (well, UK 11p equivalent)

We’re in the process of having our kitchen replaced. In there now is:

  • A sink
  • A fridge/freezer
  • Lots of mess

There’s no worksurfaces, table, plaster on the walls, or proper flooring.

I have my last exam today at 2pm. Software Engineering Measurement.

Read the Coffee mini howto, and some of the links in it. I’m going to build a fan controller for my PC. It’ll let me (through some sort of GNOME interface – been meaning to learn GNOME programming for ages) turn on/off all the noisy fans in my PC’s case. I’ll somehow make it monitor lm_sensors and turn off if the temperature of my PC goes low, or somehow work out when the computer has gone to sleep and turn them all off then.

This is where having a ‘sacrificial’ PC lying around is useful. The device will link to my printerport, and I don’t want to melt the one in my Celeron.

I’d best shut my PCs down, the kitchen man might chop a wire or want to wire up those plug-sockets he left hanging out the walls. It’s about to go very quiet in this room and all the lights in Manchester will get brighter 🙂

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