Just finished hacking around with our group project again. It’s almost finished, just a few bits to tidy up. It’s midnight and I’m sleepy.

Phoned Planet Talk to have a whinge at them. Was kind of deflated by the poor connection I had. I could hear myself about 1 second after I spoke, and it was louder than the person on the other end of the phone. She said there was no direct debit set up on my account. I said “Yes there is”, she said “oh… oh yes, there it is”. Yesterday the nice collection agency sent me another letter! This time asking for money I’d already paid to PT! PT told me to ignore the letter, so I shall. If the collection agency phone, I’ll tell them the same thing.

I suspect I’ll be phoning them this time next month when it all starts again.

Our kitchen is finished! The floor looks nice. If I had a camera, there’d be a link to a picture of it. That reminds me, my cousin has my webcam and maybe it’s time I reminded him it was mine 🙂

Time to enable power-saving and sleep(25200), with an alarm set for 7am. I don’t own a real alarm (well I do, but It’s not plugged in), instead my PC assaults me with music at a pre-set time using XMMS and the Alarm plugin for it. It’s great, I avoid the shite local radio stations and get to listen to something I like.

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