Banners be gone!

Just installed The Internet Junkbuster, fetched a blocklist and now my browsing experience is so much better. I can read Dilbert without having to look at 3 large banner ads.

We had our general election. Very boring and organised affair. Nothing interesting happened, we’re stuck with Labour again.

I have now properly finished Uni, I went in on Thursday and gave a talk to our project supervisor, the person who set the project, and an independent person (who’s sole purpose was to keep time). Before this we (as a group) demonstrated our project. It worked! Well, the messageboard we’d created didn’t, so out of desperation we pressed the ‘reset database’ button we’d created and… success!. Went out after for food, there’s a great Chinese all-you-can-eat restaurant on Witworth Street, Manchester (it’s next to an NCP carpark, opposite the casino). I managed to eat three platefuls of pretty good quality food, then a bowl of what was supposedly ‘grass jelly’ but turned out to be normal, boring orange jelly. Coconut agar jelly is a bit weird, it has no flavour and would bounce if dropped on the floor.

I have downloaded my website to my home PC and am editing it there. So far I’ve fixed the filtering controls on the top of this page. I think I’ll re-do my file downloads section next.

I’m going to buy an Asus Geforce2 MX dualhead graphics card and a second monitor. I want two screens! (we have a PC with two at work and it’s just so easier when you can have two full-screen programs running).

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