Soap flavouring…

Why do cherry lips taste like soap? (those tiny lip-shaped sweets your local newsagent probably sells). And why, when I know what they taste like, did I go and buy some?

Went to the Lake District at the weekend. Got caught in a blizzard on Saturday. It’s interesting flailing around in a blizzard, unable to see where you’re going. My GPS was telling us to go in the right direction, only it was doing the straight-line route, and we can’t walk up near-vertical cliffs 🙂 On Sunday it was raining and windy so we came home. Good job really since all my clothes were wet because they’d spent the night on the youth hostel drying room floor.

Ambleside YHA is a bit posh. I was expecting a couple of rooms with beds in, and a self-serve cooking area. Not a restaurant, 3 TV rooms, a games room, and more corridors and passageways than a Doom level. It was also invaded by about 40 Americans. They must have been in the UK for a while, they were nolonger moaning about the cold and the rain. Apparently they’d been to somewhere called “Eddin-burrow”, wonder where that is… 😉

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