I have Defender 2000 for my Jaguar 🙂

Such fun… Just waiting for Tempest 2000 now, which should arrive soon (I hope, I did the eBay pay-by-VISA thing, and got a receipt, so I assume the other person got the money and has posted it).

Not heard anything from the place I went for an interview at last week. They could at least send me a letter or something :-/ I hope they’re just being slow otherwise I’ll have to look for work in the Spar or something.

Started learning OpenGL last night. I produced a square, then I texture-mapped it with a procedural texture, and rotated it. My eyes nearly fell out in amazement 🙂 It was so fast! I’m used to slightly-below-average 2D performance under X, and going to fully hardware-accelerated OpenGL was amazing. The different matrices and things are a bit confusing, but I’ll attempt to process the OpenGL red book and store it in my head.


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