Connectivity sucks

Hyperterminal is crap. I’ll be filtering spam out my mailbox and mid delete I get disconnected. My mobile phone has a signal and the remote end still works but Hyperterminal keeps hanging up the connection. Also the stupid thing can’t display things like Lynx properly, making browsing websites impossible.

The fact mobile data calls only run at 9600 bps is also starting to irritate me a tad. Surely it’s not so hard to make them run at 14.4 or something approaching decent. It’s bad when you can type faster than your connection.

I’d also like it if my comms program could display all the data it is sent. I shouldn’t have to send a Ctrl-L to refresh the screen all the time.

Time to use the expensive Internet to see if I can get Kermit for Windows or something. My god, that sounded like something you’d read 10 years ago 🙂 “ahh this terminal isn’t dialing into the UNIX server properly, I need to find a better one”.

Update: After what will probably be a very expensive call I now have Teraterm. Teraterm works properly and is happily showing me Lynx-produced websites in a nice way. I have also found something to download off that’ll let me use GPRS and my laptop to go on the internet. This download is massive (2 meg… err that’s not really massive, but over 9600 three lines of text is massive 😉 so I’ll get it burnt onto CD and posted up here. Maybe I should give URLs to people to print out and post, it’d be quicker…

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