One week before Christmas

There’s just a week to go before we break up for Christmas. The kids haven’t gone totally bananas just yet, but there’s still seven days of school left for them to get properly worked up.

Christmas will be good, I’m really tired and will enjoy waking up at a more sensible time rather than slowly surfacing through the haze of sleep at seven am. I don’t mind so much waking up at 7, it’s a “normal” time to be getting up, much more civil than 6:45 – yes that extra 15 minutes makes a difference. There’s psychological pricing where things cost ingv £4.99 appear cheaper than £5.00 items. Same with time.

No, I don’t mind getting up at that time. What I don’t like is waking up in the dark. I’ve got a light on a timer which helps, and some suitable music comes out my Internet radio box. The really irritating thing is I’m really comfy when I wake up, it’s quite a lot of effort to get out into the cold room and stagger about.

I will also use Christmas to actually plan a set of lessons for each class. It’s a crazy new concept I’m trying out 😉 If I can do it, it’ll cut out the extra hour I spend each afternoon at work.

Parents’ evening tomorrow for year 8. Two hours of sitting in the science building talking at parents.

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