Website Updates Galore!

For some bizarre reason I woke up at half seven. Even more bizarre is that its now half eleven. Where did those four hours go? All I’ve done is fiddle with my website a bit.

WordPress has been upgraded to the latest version, and I think I’ve managed to make the OpenID stuff work again. It seems to like my LiveJournal ID and my Flickr one. It positively hates the OpenID I created myself using phpMyID but it probably doesn’t make sense for me to log into my own site using my own… site 😉 My own OpenID worked with Blogger, so it’ll do.

For some reason the Subscribe to Comments plugin isn’t working either. It’s hard testing this stuff, browser caches and cookies tend to get in the way. I spent ten minutes debugging this stuff only to find my proxy had cached the site and wasn’t really serving the updated content.

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