Processing Sketches: A new part of my website

Twangy String - 1D rippling water
Twangy String - 1D rippling water

I use the Processing language to try out little coding ideas, or to have fun making something that looks pretty, or is amusing. After looking around my computers while tidying up I found several worthy of showing off, and have created a page on my main website to display these sketches.

Each sketch does one thing, and was either created by me to test out an idea, learn something new, or simply to have a bit of fun. After writing out structured database and Windows GUI code it’s nice to sit down with a few half thought out ideas and see what happens. The 1D rippling water was my attempt at copying the ‘water’ from Electroplankton, and the Circles sketch was inspired by Bloom on the iPhone.

I intend on updating the page as I create new sketches.

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