Dear 08450724636

Please stop ringing me during the day when I am at work. If you must, leave a message on my answering service! Every day for the past week you’ve rung and not left a message. I bet you’re phone spam, if so please go away as my number is registered on the TPS.

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  1. Had a few silent calls from BGas (0845 0724636) back in December 08 and after explaining to them that this kind of calling is considered nuisance calls and is illegal, and that I would report any further such nuisance calls to the police I got them stopped and a promise that my telephone number (which is by the way X-directory) would be removed from their system and I would never be bothered again. However, (silent calls from the same 0845 number) restarted last night and this morning I rang BGas’ Marketing Director Rick Vlemmicks on 01753 494000 and left a message on his voicemail. unhappy with that I then rang BGas’ Shane Bonney on his ‘personal’ number (01784 874301) and explained how unhappy I was and that if the calls did not stop immediately I would inform the Police of these nuisance calls. He has promised they will stop for good this time and is writing to me to confirm this. Watch this space!
    I urge everyone who gets such calls to telephone BGas’ Shane Bonney on 01784 874301 and get him to sort it out for you.
    The more people contact them the more they may come to realise how unpopular this type of marketing is.

  2. This number kept ringing me for about a week and hanging up when i answered. I found from this site it was british gas. I called british gas on the normal number and they took me off their mailing list. They were polite and apologised that I now won’t get post/call/e-mails of promotions as I had to opt in or out, there is no way of saying yes to e-mail no to calls. They also mentioned that they would pass this to their internal forum which decides which manager should deal with the comment. They use a computer to dial the numbers of their customers and the gap reported by other people on this website would be explained by the computer only putting calls through to their operators once we have answered.

  3. Having received many of these nuisance calls on my mobile whilst abroad, I made a nuisance of myself and made a nuisance call to BG’s Shane Bonney (01784 874301).

    He was very apologetic, said he would remove me from their database, and assured me that they were working on their computers to stop this happening to everyone else on the BG database.

    I have a boiler maintenance contract with British Gas, and when I finally spoke to a person to see what they had been calling me about, it was to book a boiler service call.

  4. Reply to Bollinge:

    From what I understand from my many conversations with BG over this; if it is a silent call from one of their several automated callers then it is NOT to book you an appointment for any Boiler Service package you already have; it is a marketing only calll – they are trying to sell you a Boiler Service package or similar because they do not know (or care) that the person on the number being dialled already has one.
    As I said in my earlier posting to this forum – if you want to stop these nuisance calls then Shane Bonney (01784 874301) is your man.
    This will not affect reciept of calls for Bolier Servicing if you already have a contract.
    Hope that cladifies it a bit.

  5. Sorry, my typing is rubbish today – the above should have ended with:
    “Hope that clarifies it a bit.”

  6. Thanks to the comments on this site I have also phoned the number suggested – 01784 874301 – and expressed my extreme annoyance to Shane at having the silent calls from 08450 724636. It is indeed British Gas -he claimed it was to remind me I had a service booked for tomorrow but I have already had a message left by them earlier today – and the excuse was that as many people are out at work in the day, and they are short of staff, a machine will do! Well my answer to that is, why do all those of us (invariably women) who are out at work have to take days off to be available for gas men – (always men)- to turn up sometime in a 5 hour appointment time! Having said that, they once didn’t turn up at all so I claimed the £10 apology fee I was entitled to.
    I also used the opportunity today to complain about phone calls trying to sell me something – and I have now been taken off their marketing list. So some good has come from it!

  7. (To Sue-Exeter)
    Glad to be of Help.

    (To All)
    Don’t accept the “It was to remind you that you had a gas service booked.” excuse – that is absolute Muppet Poo, if you are (un)lucky enough to actually get a human on the other end (I did once) you will find that it is BGas trying to sell you something (like the service package which I already had anyway!!!).

    (To BGas)
    A big Booooo! to BGas Martketing:
    Stop these silent calls – It is not okay to frighten vulnerable people, or annoy the rest of us, just to make the odd sale.

  8. My boiler is going to be serviced today – why have they phoned me
    five times over the last two days.
    Do they think I will forget that I have had to book a day off work???
    No point in trying to sell me anything I have lost a days wages as well as paying for the service…..

  9. Well, surprise, surprise, ! Guess what ? ! I too have been called not only today, but a couple of times recently ! I know that there’s a recession on, but, why, in the name of God, do they have to make such bloody pests of themselves. Yes ! we too have had the ‘silent ‘phone call’ treatment !In the past, I have resorted to using somewhat profane language – well, if they don’t like it, they can always complain to OFTEL – can’t they ? !

  10. well, I thought I had sorted it once a lady from the MD’s office phoned and apologised and said she would take my name off the ‘marketing list’ but…. I had to phone B.Gas this week to arrange an engineer’s visit and the woman launched into her ‘we have offers that may interest you’ speech. I just about contained myself and told her politely to get me the manager NOW, NOW, NOW, and every time she tried to speak I repeated it till she agreed to put me through to her manager. Unfortunately there was such a queue she came back to me and I told her I could not wait any longer but on no account was anyone to try to sell me anything again or I would cancel my contract. Next time I have to phone I will start with ‘I do not want any offers, I just want to book an engineer!’ Rather annoyingly I have now had to book a powerflush at some phenomenal cost as my system is bunged up with iron deposits! Gas eh!

  11. I have been receiving calls from 08450724636 for the last few days, both on my house phone and my mobile. I was so annoyed. I keep my mobile on at work in case my sons school need me if there is an emergency. I kept getting these calls, where my phone would ring, I pick up and the line is silent for a few seconds and then the line goes dead. I have been told that what these companies do is, instead of dialling one number at a time, a machine dials a few numbers at one time and when a customer answers, the other calls are terminated. The other thing I think maybe happening is that they want you to call them back because then they make money from the 0845 number. I sent an email to British Gas. They contacted me and the lady I spoke to apologised and said they were trying to book an appointment for my gas appliances to be serviced. They said they would remove my number from their database.

  12. I had a call from this number on New Years Eve at 16.41, how sad is that?
    I then had a call BEFORE 09.00 on 3rd January. Ok it was 08.58 but the principle is there. Fortunately I have an answerphone set on a short ring and whenever the machine kicks in, the caller disconnects.
    Is this why fuel costs are so high?

  13. I reported this number to the TPS, this is what they say:

    Many thanks for your complaint regarding the receipt of a “silent call”. Silent calls are generated by companies using power or predictive dialling equipment when making outbound calls. A power/predictive dialler is an automated dialler which can store, access and automatically dial telephone numbers which should match operator availability. However some companies may not have set their dialling rate correctly and this means that individuals are receiving calls, where upon answering there is silence.

    Although registration with the Telephone Preference service does not stop the receipt of silent calls we will include your complaint in a regular report sent to the Telecommunications Regulator, Ofcom, to enable them to look at trends in complaints being made and where possible identify those companies who are not complying with the regulations surrounding such calls.

    If you continue to receive silent calls, please dial 1471 and try to obtain the number that called; you can report the call by completing a TPS complaint form or online at . Alternatively you can seek further help and advice regarding Silent Calls from your line service provider.

    I trust that the above information is of help to you.

    Yours sincerely,
    Arthur Cummings
    TPS Team Leader

  14. They called me in respect of a previous quote for something called “power flush”. I had already complained about the price of this being £695 and noticed indentical complaints on the web regarding power flush and also in ‘Which Magazine’.(June 2006)

    They received 3 pages of A4 from me stating why this price was astronomic especially since heating engineers had written on websites to state that it was a case of inserting a chemical in the systems and banging a few radiators to clear any sludge. Other quotes were for £70 or a maximum of £275. I also mentioned how one customer had taken BG to the Small Claims Court when after coughing up over £500 the real fault was in their thermostat radiator valve.

    This 08450724636 call was from Leicester and although my letter as mentioned above had already been discussed by me with their Glasgow office they still expected me to cough up the £695. I may also add that copies of my letter were sent to 3 locations including their Leicester office, and towards such departments directly involved with maintenance.

    One BG department has zero connection to any others, as I have discovered before, and/or they are so keen to earn commission that salespersons will telephone anyone for what is a real racket.

  15. Annoyingly enough it looks like they are still doing it as I have just received 3 calls from them in 3 days. Same number, 2 no messages one hangup when I picked up and when I phoned BGas they were unable to even confirm that the number was theirs!

    Infuriating that they have yet to learn their lesson.

    Time to visit TPS online.

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