GMail thinks I am German…

Weird German GMail error
Weird German GMail error

The error message says

Lieber Nutzer,

in Deutschland heißt unser E-Mail-Service Google Mail, nicht Gmail.

Sie können Ihre E-Mails in Deutschland direkt unter abrufen.

Ihr Google-Team

Der E-Mail-Service von Google ist in Deutschland nicht mehr über die von Ihnen eingegebene URL abrufbar.

Allgemeine Informationen zu Google finden Sie in Deutschland wie gewohnt unter oder

Which translated using Babelfish comes out as

Dear user, in Germany is called our email service google mail, not Gmail. They can call up your emails in Germany directly under Their googleteam The email service of does not google is in Germany any more over the URL entered by you callably. General information too google find you in Germany as used under or
Kind of confused why I’m seeing this given I’m sat in the UK…

4 thoughts on “GMail thinks I am German…”

  1. I am getting this as well in California. It is strange, but going to does resolve the issue. Sadly, when I quickly type mail or gmail into Firefox it wants to go to, so I run into this when I type without thinking.

  2. I’m getting this too. The Gmail icon on my browser takes me there – it used to work. I can get at my mail using, but I want to set the default for the icon to go there instead.

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