Mame Cabinet – With added electroshock therapy

danger-electric-shock-risk-signAs part of my ongoing “learning by my near fatal mistakes” attitude to life I’ve discovered some interesting problems with my MAME cab. While undergoing the torture known as “getting MAME to work” I found the PC kept crashing, or being just plain weird. Having to reset the BIOS every time it was powered up was getting tedious too.

So, deciding the motherboard was probably to blame I reached my hand in and went to switch it off. While doing this I noticed that whenever I touched the PSU and rubbed my finger over it I felt a strange ‘fuzzy’ bumpy sensation, exactly like the weird vibration aluminium macbook owners sometimes experience. It also caused something to emit a familiar 50Hz humming sound.

After I’d finished playing with this amusement (really, if I’d discovered radioactivity, I’d be dead by now… oooh look at the glowing warm rocks!) I set about finding the source of the faulty ground connection. It didn’t take long, the 4-way power strip I was using had faulty connections where sometimes the earth pin of the plugs going into it didn’t make a good contact with anything.

That’s all fixed now, but the PC keeps crashing so I have no idea what’s wrong. I’ll try removing the wireless ethernet card now, maybe that’s at fault.

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