The perils of cheap office furniture

I broke my office chair today by snapping the back. The chair is a fairly standard “executive” high back gas-lift chair with recliner feature. On this particular make of chair, the recliner feature also triggers the gas-lift so the chair goes backwards and then drops in height. No idea why, it seems a bit of a strange combination.

Today, when I sat down the recline pin somehow moved causing the chair to both drop in height and tip backwards. Not expecting this, I almost fell off it, landing heavily on the backrest, making it bend and snap at its join with the chair base.

This got steadily worse over the rest of the day and I fully expect to be tipped backwards onto the floor sometime tomorrow as the chair finally gives up. I wouldn’t mind so much, but I share an office with two large blokes of above-average weight. They have the same chairs and subject them to far larger forces than me. Their chairs are OK, mine snapped. I weigh bugger all and am quite thin.

And so begins the long and complex system for returning faulty goods to a supply company. Why do I see the next 7 weeks with me sitting on a plastic chair?

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