Twilight random cycle

This area is pretty good for cycling; it used to all be coal mines and industrial mess, then they flattened it all and made a crazy mix of nature reserve, waste land and landfill out of it. Through this are threaded many “nature walks” and paths for people to walk down, get mugged on and ride their illegal motorbikes across. There’s so many that all I have to do is pick a path, go down it, and then continue whatever way looks the most interesting. Someone’s even thought to put up information boards every so often to point out interesting things in an attempt at making the place look nice. This isn’t necessary because the simple fact I can go half a mile out of a city centre and be amongst fields and trees is nice enough.

Tonight I went out for a quick ride before it got dark and went the opposite way to the other day’s ride. Going South down the river is mostly flat concrete until the remains of the old coal mines begin, then it turns into an interesting thickly wooded area and gravel tracks. It was also at this point when I noticed the light had disappeared. Cycling in the dark down a six foot wide dirt track you’ve never been down before is great fun, and very surprising when you pop out in a tiny village full of posh cars and houses. Feeling a bit out of place and slightly concerned about the rapidly failing light I turned around and followed my track all the way back.

After looking at the log on Google Earth, I think I’ve found a long circular route that goes around the rubbish dump (yep, some people have mountains to cycle around, others have beaches and nice wooded dales. Up here we have filled in coal mines and rubbish dumps) that I might try next time. Google Earth doesn’t say anything about the access rights to these paths, but I’m sure it’ll be OK. Last time I discovered a “private, keep out” sign I was approaching it from the wrong side anyway.

I do need a torch though.

Grab the KML file here – To Kirkthorpe

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