How good is your memory?

Or, how observant were you and how absorbant was your mind?

Think hard, what’s the furthest back you can remember?

I can remember being at nursery watching TV. Only because the ‘Thames TV‘ logo had a distinctive sound. I can also remember having to go to bed during the middle of the day at nursery, which I used to think was a really stupid idea. We had toast, then we went to bed. I was fine with the toast bit, but the going to sleep? Why? There was still so much Lego to play with!

I can also remember wondering why TV programs said ‘MCMLXXXIV’ at the end of them.

I don’t remember my first day at school though. I remember the day the smelly kid came to school, he cried a lot and we did about the Romans and their under-floor heating.

One thought on “How good is your memory?”

  1. Genesis of the Daleks on television which I was watching when my parents visited a friend of theirs is my earliest television memory that I can clearly identify. Probably my earliest memory is turning the taps on in the bathroom and being unable to turn them off, causing me to flood the house. That happened when I was three years old. And demonstrating the principle of moments by hanging my mothers shopping bag on the pram handle and filling it with stones so it would tip forward and catapult my brother out of his pram despite being only a few months old. And getting hold of screwdriver and being able to dismantle my brothers bottle warmer whilst it was still plugged in at the mains. I was only four at the time.

    Funny how I turned out to be a physicist in the end, you’d never have guess based on my early childhood! 😀

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