Behind the Irony curtain

So, work has a filter to prevent us looking at unsuitable content. This is fair, it’s a school full of children and they really shouldn’t be looking at dodgy websites or chatting on Facebook.

However, the filter applies to everyone in school and it is a bit “over protective”, using a rather rubbish keword system. Sometimes it bans news websites if they mention too many key words. After reading about China’s internet firewall I tried to do a bit of research, you know it might be interesting to tell my students about – they think it unfair they can’t go on Bebo in lessons, well at least their entire country isn’t sealed off.

However… the Great Firewall of China is so secretive and dangerous I wasn’t allowed to view its Wikipedia page at work!

Trying to view wikipedia page about the Great Firewall of China

One thought on “Behind the Irony curtain”

  1. Censoring your attempt to learn about censorship. I think there’s an illegal recursion going on there, with a possible out of stack space in the offing.

    It’s funny how they try to stop kids from learning about things in the event that they experience some kind of buffer overflow in their heads, and then the content overwrites something vital. Then your zombie-net of compromised kids would then run rampant, only pausing at break-times to access the internet to update their instructions for the wide-scale rebellion in progress to

    Access to the rest of this comment has been denied for the following reason:

    Subversion, hacking and anarchist content.

    You are seeing this error because you attempted to read content that appears to contain or is labelled as containing material that has been considered inappropriate at this time. If you have a username and password that allows you to view the rest of this comment, you may wish to login, but we’re pretty sure you don’t.

    If you have any queries then contact your ICT co-ordinator or Network Manager where we will laugh and point until you leave in a huff.

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