Really weird spam comments

Amongst the usual drivel infesting my blog’s spam trap I found this…

Inexpensive Items – If you select floor mats as your next trade show handouts, you can look forward to a less hassle when it comes to your spending budget.

Your target audience will have a hard time taking it home with them if they are too large. Mats that are too tiny may not be that capable at all.

Just what is this going on about?

One thought on “Really weird spam comments”

  1. I think it’s some kind of marketing masquerading as Viz Top Tips.

    Get your moneys worth of mouse clicks and pieces of text when hosting a site. Make the reply section of your site a fully questionaire which every piece of the reply has to have the right format and a minimum length. No-one in their right mind is going to fill it in properly each time so will use random keystrokes. Sell this nonsense interactivity data to scientists to use as random numbers in their computational experiments and cash in.

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