Weird things in my house

Moving into new houses is fun, they usually have all sorts of odd quirks and this one is no exception. It features crazy heating controller which has no manual and an alarm box that lacks any explanation of what the lights on it mean. Next to the electric box a bright yellow sticker warns people that both versions of BS7671 are in use and to be very careful when wiring things up.

Those are normal things and to be expected, but we have this odd thing screwed to the wall at the top of the stairs…

What is it?

4 thoughts on “Weird things in my house”

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    1. It’s been suggested that it’s a switch for the immersion heater. I don’t think I want to look closely under my stairs again. It’s all probably quite safe, but seeing the armoured supply cable coming out the ground and into a 100A 415V fuse demands a certain respect and awe.

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