Snowpocalypse, Winter 2010

Due to the rather cold and snowy weather last week I was unable to go to work. We were open on Monday, but then it snowed hard Monday night. Our valiant ground staff managed to clear qthe site …

However then it snowed again and undid all their hard work…

So we remained closed while the bad weather passed over, and after hiring a JCB for a few days the site was declared safe to return today on Monday.

Here are some huge icicles hanging over one of the glass porches at work.

While trying to take those photos I tried an old Canon A85, however I think there’s something wrong with its image sensor…

2 thoughts on “Snowpocalypse, Winter 2010”

  1. No, that last image is about right for how I see the world. People brains just filter it out so you’ve got something that looks normal! 😉

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