Mac Mini two displays and waking from sleep

So, I bought a Mac Mini to replace my Macbook which I was starting to use more and more as a desktop machine. It’s great and does the same suspend to disk that my Macbook does (that thing where the power LED starts to pulsate) which means I don’t have to bother shutting the machine down; I can simply prod the power switch, wait a bit and then turn its power off. In the morning I can then switch the machine back on and watch it restore from disk as if nothing had happened.

And that’s where I have a small “issue”.

The machine is plugged into two Hanns-G HW191D monitors – one via DVI, one via VGA. Every morning when I wake the Mac up it doesn’t seem to remember the second display is attached. I have to go to the ‘Detect Displays’ menu icon and wait for it to notice the second screen. It’s OK after that.

Is there some way to make the Mini remember it has two screens so I don’t have to do the little monitor waking ritual every day?

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