Ripping a phonebook in two just got easier

Fear my immense strength!

Once upon a time the BT Phonebook was a great thick publication – there’s an English phrase “as thick as a phonebook” that was invented because of the weighty nature of these books.

Pages and pages of people’s names and their addresses and phone numbers.

The current one for where I live plopped through my letterbox this morning and it’s a bit of a disappointment really. Either the population of this area has suddenly succumb to some form of horrific disease… or people don’t want listing in a book any more.

The 2011 BT Phonebook for Doncaster is 272 pages long. The first 9 pages are BT internal numbers and semi useful local council numbers. Then some adverts. P13-127 are classified adverts.P128-180 are business listings. Pages 181-265 are residential numbers – the whole point of the book originally.

So the whole point of the phonebook has been reduced to 84 pages. I think they should save a few trees and not bother printing it any more, I can’t remember the last time I wanted to look up a phone number.

It reminds me of the last dying few years of my favourite ZX Spectrum and Atari ST magazines, watching them wither away to tiny pamphlets no more than 30-40 pages long. Except I don’t read the phonebook, I drop it into the paper recycling bin instead.

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