SMS Spam from 01133086113

I keep getting this SMS every few weeks/months from some place called ‘Hamptons’

Miss Eppie Taylor, it is important that we speak to you today. Call Hamptons on 01133086113 quoting ref 97551270

It also occasionally comes from some place called ‘Lowell’ with a phone number of 01133086108, or a place called ‘Red’ with a number of 01133086119. They all have the same message with the same ‘ref’ number.

I also once got an automated voice call to my mobile from one of these, but the message was so garbled and fuzzy I couldn’t work out what was being said.

One thought on “SMS Spam from 01133086113”

  1. I got exactly the same message from HAMPTONS with my name written in Full including my middle name which is usually not included in every day correspondences except may be government department letters like HMRC, so that raise a concern , may be they nicked my details somewhere. I didn’t call any one and no one called me. I simply ignored the message. 

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