Windows has encountered an error…

So I just got to play with two things I never knew existed in my PC

The UEFI BIOS recovery system and the Windows 7 recovery system.

… was doing a Windows Update, PC turned off, when I turned it back on the power button got stuck and made the PC repeatedly power up and down which corrupted the BIOS.

So then after that Windows went mental and decided to bluescreen at boot (because, unknown to me various subtle BIOS settings had been set to useless factory defaults – I gained a serial port though!). Thinking my machine had got corrupt I had a play with the system restore stuff in Windows 7.

It’s really cool, you have various options to really break your machine, drives are identified by GUID labels rather than useful names people understand and there’s a tempting command prompt option if you really want to destroy your data. Or you can just click the ‘restore my computer’ button which repeatedly reassures you that your documents and other non system data will not be altered. It told me that three times, it was quite reassuring.

This didn’t fix my PC though. Going into the BIOS and setting my SATA controller up properly fixed my PC. Took all of five seconds.

So yeah… turn on all that automated backup crap that comes with Windows 7 (and I presume 8), it does actually work and seems better than totally¬†re installing¬†everything.

Oh and my wireless USB keyboard stopped working until I installed the drivers for no obvious reason. Logging in with the onscreen keyboard is a right laugh, I highly recommend it.

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