Google two-factor auth gets its knickers in a twist… again

To unlock this locked door, simply press the “Open” button located on the inside.

I think I might switch Google two-factor auth off, it keeps getting itself in a right mess.

Earlier there was the situation where I’d reset my Android phone to factory settings, and was unable to connect my phone to the Google hive mind because I needed a code from the authenticator app – which was installed on my phone.

Only I couldn’t install the authenticator app because I couldn’t sign my phone into my Google account.

And I couldn’t use the fallback of sending an SMS because my phone wasn’t configured enough to know it was a phone capable of receiving text messages. Phone can connect to wifi and go online, but is unable to connect to the mobile network until you sign into Google… wtf?

Now I have the awkward situation of wanting to log into Google+ on my Linux laptop but once again need to provide a code from the authenticator app – which isn’t installed on my phone (I forgot to install it after the previous farce because I’d found and used a one-time code instead and was then beseiged by app updates and installs).

So chicken and egg again – but even more exquisitely painful.

To install the authenticator app you run it, then go to a URL that shows a barcode on the screen to scan. This then links your app with your account. All very clever.

Except the bit where it asks me to log into my Google account using a code provided by the authenticator app.

I really like the fallback “Contact Google to get back into your account – may take 3 to 5 days”

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