DofE phase 1 complete

There was mud, nettles and a lot of shouting.

Not all the shouting is from the kids either, there’s some peacocks at the campsite and they insist on squawking at 4am…


There’s also the quiet when you’re the only person on site because the kids and busses have gone home. And a posh food shop 10 minutes walk up the road that sells rather nice food.

We normally just do the DofE expedition in one go, over four days with the kids arriving a day before their first day of walking, and going home the day after their last day. Only this year we’ve had so many kids it’s been split into two trips. And seeing how the kids fit into two busses and I’m not needed for any driving (and drove here in my own car), it seems pointless to drive all the way home to drive all the way back here again in the morning.

No, instead I’ll stay here in my brand new tent and eat nice food while waiting for things to download very slowly over my phone’s “H” connection. Reminds me of the times I used to sit in my room in Scotland trying to download stuff using GSM and bluetooth to my laptop. The only difference is that now I’m using HSDPA and wifi to my laptop and the files are larger. Same thing, different acronyms.

In fact, this is remarkably similar to what I was doing 11 years ago with my GBA, only this time I’m doing it with Android. Same thing, newer stuff.

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