Zen and the art of the Internet


It was back in 2002 when I first got ADSL. Back then it was all the rage to have an Alcatel USB ADSL modem that ran under Windows. And it ran at 512k/sec and we were happy with that, coming from a time when dialup Internet was normal. Although I also used to use GSM 9600BPS dialup at one point too…

Then I got an upgrade to a 2Mbit line when stuff just naturally improved with the technology. There was then the improvement of ADSL2+ which gave me about 8Meg. Then I moved house and got 10Meg, apart from the incident where my phoneline fell off the house.

And now, thanks to Fibre To The Cabinet, VDSL and a suspiciously cheap looking OpenReach branded router downstairs I get the rather silly figures you see above. Oh hello future me, what are we on now? Gigabit? Through our mobile phones?

I know there’s faster, but that involves either having cable Internet and no static IP, or living in a place where you can have fibre to your house. I don’t, the fibre stops at the green cabinet at the end of the street. I can see it from my front door and don’t think my line is the limiting factor in my speed any more.

It’s unlimited too, just like I used to have with Be Internet.

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