Meteorologicos 9

The weather is indeed scorchio, with much hotness. Last night I got to experience a mountain thunderstorm. It was impressive, despite having my eyes shut – a vain attempt at sleeping, not through fear! I could still see the lightning. The thunder echoed around the valley, making last night’s fireworks seem weak.

I am now back at my parents’ house after a long and boring drive. We decided not to go for a long camp after spending yesterday wandering for many hours, but making little progress. Are off to do a shorter and mpre interesting walk above Benidom the day after tomorrow.

Spanish TV is mental. Not quite as mad as Japanese TV, but it’s close. Tonight’s delights include dubbed over English films, dubbed over CSI or some gameshow involving a live bull and some people dressed like idiots. Unfortunately the game has been designed to remove the danger of a contestant being gored. A shame I feel. No doubt the show has animal welfare people chewing their TV remotes in disgust. Meanwhile the Spanish don’t care as it’s tradition. So, it would seem is letting off giant exploding fireworks as a massive bang has just gone off. Terrorism wouldn’t work here, the locals would think it a celebration and fetch out more wine.

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