One shed, some assembly required

Our allotment has a shed. Sort of. Another plot has been vacated and we got first dibs. The shed is about 30% rot but survived being taken apart and shoved on the roof of a land rover. Armed with a hammer and a bag of six inch nails, I’ll be able to rebuild it.


We had to make a base first. The previous occupants helpfully left a pile of rubbish and rubble for us to use.


They also tried to carpet the soil…


And at one time there were tires…


There’s also a crazy man in the house behind our plot. He can be the topic of another post.

I also removed a nettle bush that was creeping through the soil. At some point we’ll be done clearing rubbish and weeds and will be able to mark out places for growing things.

It’s a bit of a process – first we need a shed to hide in when it rains, and so we don’t need to keep transporting tools in my car. Then we mark out where things can grow. After that it’s digging. Lots of digging.

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