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Exam responses

I mark exam papers, some of the things the kids write can be … creative…

For example a few of them like to draw me nice pictures

Some of them seem to have a bit of a crisis in the middle of the exam

Then we have those that started writing with good intentions, but then they seemed to sort of lose their way which is a thing you can very easily do in an exam when the pressure is on and you forgot the question, it’s a bit like in an interview where they ask a question and you just start speaking and half way through realise you have no idea what you’re talking about but cannot stop yourself without sounding daft…


Some also seem to forget that creative writing isn’t required inĀ all exams…

automated backups

all die

Some of them haven’t quiet mastered spelling things, I blame spell chequers personally.

There are those brave souls, who in the absence of sound knowledge (or making any attempt to actually revise for their exams) have a damn good go at making stuff up that sounds right.

And then there’s people that are destined to either be computer programmers or doctors…

chicken scratches no beabel to read peopel hand wigting bad hand writing

Kids are good at irony, although they don’t realise…


Remember folks, the next time you’re using the self service checkout in a store, this is how it really works…


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