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Yes, more revision. Whoopee… Monday’s exam is Artificial Neural Networks. I don’t mind this subject, it’s quite interesting. Unfortunately a large part of it consists of chomping through pages of equations with nothing more than a scientific calculator (and I can’t use my Palm since the examiners wipe any programmable calculators). I’ve got my trusty Casio calculator that survived all of my School, College, and then my sister’s GCSEs. It has no screws holding it together and the screen comes off, but it can still add and tell me what (2/1+e^(-1*net))-1 is.

Had great fun attempting to buy Emily some plane tickets. You think there’d be an easy way of buying tickets for someone who doesn’t live in the same country as you… Expedia wanted to relieve me of £1100, which is just a little expensive. She found a local (to her) travel agent website thing that if she goes via Canada only costs £500 (which is still expensive, but affordable). They faxed me the booking form, I managed to delete it from our fax (it ran out of ink, and wouldn’t stop saying “Cartridge: 1 – new, 2 – old”, despite me pressing ‘1’. In the end I pressed the ‘stop’ button which sorted things out… it even displayed a message to tell me how sorted it was : “fax cancelled” aaargh!. I can program in more languages than I speak, and know which end of a soldering iron gets hot, but confront me with 10 buttons and an LCD screen and I’m lost :), I asked them to resend it and it got lost (you can fax to the US, but they can’t fax to us… very strange). I managed to get into work without setting any alarms off and sent the confirmation fax back at 11pm last night (oh, did I forget to mention I don’t own a faxmachine and haven’t worked out how to stop sendfax sending things 1/4 their original size?)…

Suppose I should get back to revision. Revision is very strange. It’s the process of going through everything you’ve done that year, working out what you know, and frantically re-learning things you don’t.

This will be a good test of my diary too… let’s see if it can handle a long entry 🙂


One down, three to go. I have one tomorrow, and then two more the week after that. After that I’m free.

Just spent a really fun (not) 10 minutes trying to work out why the SQL queries behind this page weren’t working. Discovered you don’t do:

Quote: SQL
insert into foo values (thing='this',that='123);

you do:

insert into foo set thing='this',that='123';

Oh great, my modem just timed out, I’ll now have to wait several years for our wonderful phonelines to clear themselves (I get a connection, but sometimes the line is so bad the modem just gives up). Right, It’s alive again. I’ll just open another Netscap… ah, it just hung up. And now diald has decided it’s not worth reconnecting. I hate modems.

I’ve been having fun with the festival speech synthesis program. I’ve also been insulted several times by MegaHal. Now to join the two…

This is a test

I’ve now split my diary into two pieces – the general diary of random things, and this, the announcement list. On here you’ll find things such as:

new! Announcement list created!

And other (possibly) important things. This is what you will see when this site first loads (conveniently removing the need for an introduction page).

Testing… Can now edit this stuff…


Looks like my diary works again now. It wouldn’t let me post messages the last time I tried.

I really should re-write this site, it’s held together with spit and string. Well-written spit-and-string mind you, but this code is over a year old and now have some free time to fiddle. I just wish there was something more interesting than the overused Slashdot-style site layout. Maybe I’ll have a flash of inspiration and invent the Next Big Thing (or, since I can’t create nice looking sites to save my life, probably fail and make something bright red on green 🙂

Oh, and I’ve finished University! I’ve got four exams to do, and that’s it. No more… ever. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! My group project has been written up (it isn’t funny running out of printer paper at 5:30am, nor is it funny having to print your 70 page report out twice because the University want two copies).

If you’re a member of The LBC mailing list hello! I know someone there has looked at this page before 🙂

One down, two to go

Finished my Software Engineering Measurement assignment (and managed to get a ‘B’ in my last one! – this is the one I deleted and had to recover from my Palm using nothing more than ‘pi-getram’ and vi).

I’m going to the new(ish) IMAX cinema in Manchester today.

Some new code has been added to my ‘code’ page. There’s an el-torito boot image ripper, and the remains of my Neural Nets assignment (which I couldn’t finish).

Off to the US again for easter. This should be fun, what with us having foot and mouth and everything.

New site layout! …will be coming soon 🙂 I’ve decided on some new things to add to this site (some of it admin, which you can’t see) and might remove that crappy front page that has no purpose.


It must be national ‘dead hardware’ day. Both my diskdrive and my network card went to Silicon Heaven.

I also had the misfortune of watching ‘Mission To Mars’. It’s not very good.

I’m writing this on my Palm! I’ve got it connected to my firewall through a Hotsync cable. AvantGO’s browser works as an online browser, too. I’ll put up some documentation about this soon.