c u l8r (and other bad grammar)

The BBC must be running short of ideas. There’s a TV program on about SMS. WHY?!. There’s now an ‘X-Rated’ version where they show all the ‘naughty’ SMS messages that are going round (which look great on a Nokia phone, but if you’re not a sheep and own a non-Nokia they’re totally meaningless).

Aww no! There’s two people who met each other over SMS. *gag* *puke*

I think I’ll buy a bike tomorrow. Walking to work is fine and everything, I just can’t be bothered walking home, and it takes too long (also I can’t spontaneously decide to take another route home and go as fast as I can down a steep hill). Halfords of all places sells one that seems OK (although buying a bike from Halfords feels a little like getting a PC from Dixons. 6 months interest free credit is quite nice though).