Still not dead!

OK, I went away over Christmas to the US with Emily (who now has to stay there because our government fears foreign people and makes it impossible to get a work visa).

America was fun. I did have a diary to paste in here, but after a small accident with my Palm, I don’t. TIP: Back up everything before deleting.

We went to the Grand Canyon for New Year. It was quite nice. Some pictures will appear soon… I can’t decide whether to scan them all in, or get the negatives turned into a PhotoCD (or whatever Kodak calls it now).

I also bought a GoType keyboard, and a battery pack for my Palm. If you’re American, go to Staples, the battery pack is called the ‘E-Go’ and is made by Belkin. UK Stapes probably doesn’t sell it. And $20 for 50 Maxell CD-Rs? I thought that was good. If you’re from UK Customs, I am making all this up.

Back to University tomorrow. Whopee.

A small request

I am looking for work in the US. If you know anyone who’s managed to do similar, how did they do it? I’m writing a CV on (when the site actually loads that is), and will email some of the jobs on as well.