#if !defined(AFX_DBXXX_H__B7EE2503_1C00_4C8B_91E5_877133329BC8__INCLUDED_)

How does M$ Visual C++ come up with those #defines?
I discovered that while CRecordset and CDatabase are the slowest things on the planet (it takes around 2 minutes to retrieve 2500 records from a MySQL database over ODBC), talking directly to ODBC is quite a lot quicker (5 seconds!). Found a rather useful bunch of code on http://www.codeguru.com/mfc_database/direct_sql_with_odbc.shtml

that after some modification works rather nicely.

Nearly finished the new diary for this site. It looks a lot nicer. It’ll have filtering too, so you won’t have to sit and download 100k’s worth of old entries before getting to the new stuff (and yes, things will appear in the correct order too).

Attempted to book a holiday, but the number to call rings 4 times then hangs up. Tried to fax and discovered the fax line is the same number…

Off to the Lake District again tomorrow. Will take more pictures in an attempt to find really good desktop wallpaper and find out just how many pictures will fit on a 64MB SmartMedia card (I’m up to 109 so far, and 10 of those are high quality ones).

Slackware 8 and FTP mirrors

Well I woke up on Saturday and discovered Slackware 8 was out. I proceeded to try and download it through my flaky 56k modem (that keeps wanting to be a 9600 thanks to BT’s wonderful phonelines in our area – UNIX may be 30 years old, but that doesn’t mean I want to emulate a net connection from that time!). ftp.slackware.com was OK for the first 6 hours, I managed to get about 70MB, but then the Americans woke up and tried doing the same thing.

My local mirror (http://mirror.ac.uk) doesn’t have it all yet (there’s parts of the ‘slakware’ dir, but nothing in the ISO images directory yet), so I’m waiting for it to be available on http://www.linuxemporium.co.uk.

Technically this machine could download things, it is on a 2Mbit link, however we pay for our bandwidth and transferring 3 CD images would put us way over the limit (plus it’d still be on the wrong side of my modem – and the wrong side of Birmingham too!).

I can now ride one way up the big hill between here and my house in my bike’s top gear 🙂 I’ll try the other side today (the other side is steeper). The weather is still warm and there’s sun up there somewhere. I like it, makes a change from rain. Makes my herb garden grow too (the mint is taking over and it’s only been in there a week!). Had fun putting salt on the slugs that tried eating the corriander. Slugs and salt don’t mix, they go all… runny…

Back to writing this Windows program for work. It’s quite interesting really, I’m doing the entire thing on my own and it’s actually working! I have to demo it tomorrow (aaargh!)

Up, down, up, down

My modem is being silly again. I’m sure it’s psychic… My little 486 IP Masq machine runs diald, so I don’t have to mess around forcing it to dial whenever I want to go online. All I have to do is open a browser and enter the address, wait a while, press reload, and the page appears. There’s a 10 minute timeout so I have chance to read the pages that download… Thing is, I’ll read a page/go to the toilet/get food, come back and *just* as I am about to click on another link… *click* the thing hangs up! Then, because this is BT Internet it takes another 5 tries to connect… If ADSL wasn’t so expensive, windows-orientated (USB is NOT a handy bus for sending network data down, it’s for mice and keyboards and other faffy things, not network cards, hard drives, scanners, or software-only modems), and plain crap (you cannot transfer it if you move house, you have to buy it all over again) I’d have it.

I spent 3 hours last night cleaning our kitchen floor… It took 3 hours because since the floor is new a special stripper needs applying to remove the excess glue and cack that sticks to newly laid floors. This stripper isn’t allowed to dry (not sure why, but they pointed this out twice using bold text, so who am I to argue?) so you do the floor in small parts. The stripper needs leaving for 10 minutes to do its thing, then you wash it off. Our floor split itself into 6 parts…

I don’t know whether it was the fumes from the cleaner, or the fact it was 1am by the time I’d finished, but I decided to have a drink. I’ve now managed to invent the worst tasting drink ever… Take a glass, add an amount of Blackcurrant cordial, add an amount of vodka that’s been sitting in an old wine bottle for a week. Take a sip, try to suppress shuddering reflex, add more cordial, take another sip, throw away very quickly. It tasted worse than the lemon-stuffed green olives I once had.

At work I managed to implement a network protocol that I’d invented. And because I invented it, it worked 🙂 I’m now attempting to code something that encodes data and sends it using my protocol. The spec I am following is confusing and contradicts itself! (in one part it says to use MSB->LSB byte ordering, then in another part it says to use LSB->MSB byte ordering! Little-endian is slightly irritating when you are constructing bytes of data from individual bits. Instead of counting from 0 and going up to 7, you count from 0 and go down to 7 since the MSB comes first when written left-to-right)

OK modem… dial!

It’s a bank holiday

…which means “rain like hell!”. It was sunny and warm all week, right up until Friday. Then it started raining. It still is.

Since I managed to get the TV-Out on my Asus V3800 working I installed Quake 3 again. I then downloaded GTKRadiant and began mapping. It’s fun, and so much easier now I have a proper map editor
and a slightly faster computer (I used to edit Quake maps on a P166MMX and it was a bit slow). The lighting takes forever though.

Still raining 🙂 It doesn’t flood up here, we have a large floodplain that it runs into, you might have heard of it, it’s called The South Of England.

There’s too many politicians on telly doing weird things with babies and spouting complete rubbish. I think there should be a ‘None of the above’ box on every voting form and people be made to vote.

Watched the riot in Oldham on the morning news yesterday. Quite weird seeing places you know on the TV (Oldham is about 3 miles down the

init(void (*pParam)(char *, void *),void *ppParam)

I’m at work writing code. I’m having a great time working out how to write Windows programs using MS Visual C++. Networking is so simple in UNIX. In VC++ it is really weird, you don’t just create sockets, bind them to ports and send data down them, you have to create a connection class that inherits from AsyncSocket, then define callbacks for OnAccept and OnReceive.

Decided using function pointers would make the code I was writing more general (and not specific to this particular program I’m writing). It does, but the code is all weird now with pointers to pointers and pointers to functions that accept pointers… I think I’ll write some documentation just to make sure it is sane.

On with the fun 🙂


Looks like my diary works again now. It wouldn’t let me post messages the last time I tried.

I really should re-write this site, it’s held together with spit and string. Well-written spit-and-string mind you, but this code is over a year old and now have some free time to fiddle. I just wish there was something more interesting than the overused Slashdot-style site layout. Maybe I’ll have a flash of inspiration and invent the Next Big Thing (or, since I can’t create nice looking sites to save my life, probably fail and make something bright red on green 🙂

Oh, and I’ve finished University! I’ve got four exams to do, and that’s it. No more… ever. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! My group project has been written up (it isn’t funny running out of printer paper at 5:30am, nor is it funny having to print your 70 page report out twice because the University want two copies).

If you’re a member of The LBC mailing list hello! I know someone there has looked at this page before 🙂

One down, two to go

Finished my Software Engineering Measurement assignment (and managed to get a ‘B’ in my last one! – this is the one I deleted and had to recover from my Palm using nothing more than ‘pi-getram’ and vi).

I’m going to the new(ish) IMAX cinema in Manchester today.

Some new code has been added to my ‘code’ page. There’s an el-torito boot image ripper, and the remains of my Neural Nets assignment (which I couldn’t finish).

Off to the US again for easter. This should be fun, what with us having foot and mouth and everything.

New site layout! …will be coming soon 🙂 I’ve decided on some new things to add to this site (some of it admin, which you can’t see) and might remove that crappy front page that has no purpose.

There’s not enough hours in the day

I have until a week next Monday to write and train a neural network.
I could have used Matlab, but I thought it would be more fun in C++.
First I had to learn C++ (which took about an hour. If you know C
and read the right books it’s not hard to pick up Classes), then
the fun began.

It’s not helped by the fact I have lots of cool ideas for this site,
and no time to do them. My Palm is full of ideas and notes, but until
they invent more hours in the day I can’t do it.