New toys :)

The Jaguar I won on ebay arrived today 🙂 So did my Playstation Xplorer cart. Just waiting for Defender 2000 now…

I also bought a Dreamcast from Game. I had a go at writing CDs for it, but the best I can manage is something that makes the dreamcast think it’s an audio CD. Got four coffee mats now :/

The PSX Xplorer cart worked though. I connected it to a PC, finally got it talking, and proceeded to flash the required stuff onto it. All appeared to go well, and I pushed the PSX’s reset button…

The cart booted and I got a menu… That was in Japanese… Which is one of the many languages I cannot speak, read, or understand. After a bit of googling I found a way of switching it to English.

I then uploaded a little test game to it and it ran! External code, sent to the PSX from my PC actually ran! Now to get the Mips R3000 gcc cross-compiler and try and make my own stuff.

Also got a “coding cable” for my Dreamcast, however first I need a booting CD with the transfer software on. I hope I can get this working ‘cos it’ll mean I can play cool things on it.

I rebooted my firewall… 267 days uptime… new record 🙂 I screwed the NAT tables up on it to such an extent that any outgoing SSH packets were sent straight back at me! Decided now was a good time to put a second network card in and move my ADSL box across the room. I also upgraded its kernel (since I don’t keep 2.4.0 around).

I now have a sane network with a proper firewall. Now that uptime isn’t a big thing I’ll maybe upgrade the rest of it to Slackware 8.1. I want to do that to my desktop PC, but can’t be bothered right now, it’s too much hassle. Plus GNOME 2 is out and I want to try that.


New website code online. Seems to be functioning properly…

Cleaned out the Apache logfile for it, and I appear to have broken it somehow – I visit the site, and nothing is logged any more. Since the logfile “magically” appears in my homedirectory, I think I’ll have to ask my web provider to fix it for me, unless it fixes itself overnight.


So, what do you think? I think the design is less messy than the last one, and it looks better too.

The diary section contains a filter now, you’ll automatically see the last 30 days worth of entries, instead of seeing the whole lot.

Currently the only thing on this site is my diary. However, when I finish Snake, there’ll be a section in the new “Projects” part, and soon you’ll see other bits of the site appear when I’ve written them.


Working on the new code for this site. It’s coming along nicely. I have the diary/announce section working perfectly, and am now working on the bit that keeps track of what sotware I’ve written and added.

Once I’ve got the code management part working, and you can download software I’ve written from this site, I’ll upload the new code. The rest is cool stuff, but cool stuff that’s not vital to the main aims of my site.

Fortunately I haven’t altered the diary format… There’s 80 entries here, and recoding all of those would be a pain!

Last day

I’m off work from tomorrow until the 7th Jan. Wheee 🙂

Managed to get multirow fetches working using ODBC. Now need to get my code autogenerator to create the correct code and test it. Hopefully it should be faster than the current ODBC stuff I’m doing. A website I’m reading seems to say it will. But doing that can wait until next year 🙂 (hopefully I’ve made sufficient notes to remind myself).

Over Christmas I’ll try and get this bloody website finished. I’m getting bored with it now 🙂


Just finished hacking around with our group project again. It’s almost finished, just a few bits to tidy up. It’s midnight and I’m sleepy.

Phoned Planet Talk to have a whinge at them. Was kind of deflated by the poor connection I had. I could hear myself about 1 second after I spoke, and it was louder than the person on the other end of the phone. She said there was no direct debit set up on my account. I said “Yes there is”, she said “oh… oh yes, there it is”. Yesterday the nice collection agency sent me another letter! This time asking for money I’d already paid to PT! PT told me to ignore the letter, so I shall. If the collection agency phone, I’ll tell them the same thing.

I suspect I’ll be phoning them this time next month when it all starts again.

Our kitchen is finished! The floor looks nice. If I had a camera, there’d be a link to a picture of it. That reminds me, my cousin has my webcam and maybe it’s time I reminded him it was mine 🙂

Time to enable power-saving and sleep(25200), with an alarm set for 7am. I don’t own a real alarm (well I do, but It’s not plugged in), instead my PC assaults me with music at a pre-set time using XMMS and the Alarm plugin for it. It’s great, I avoid the shite local radio stations and get to listen to something I like.