Food is optional

I’m back from Dublin. We had a great time and it didn’t rain much!
(unlike what it’s doing now).

Woke up at half five to get a taxi to Manchester Airport. Didn’t know
which terminal we were leaving from, so went to Terminal 3. We were
supposed to be in Terminal 1 which is across the motorway. Dragged our
luggage along too many of those moving walkways – which are a complete
waste of time if you’re in a hurry, you can out-walk one! Found the
RyanAir checkin desk, then proceeded to try and tell Cellnet I was
leaving the country and could I please have international roaming

Cellnet’s customer service number was unreachable.

The plane was… well let’s say you get what you pay for, and for 11
quid you don’t get much. The plane was a flying advert for the Sun and
News Of The World. It got us there which was the main thing.

Dublin airport was complete chaos. We left the plane, went through
‘immigration’ (a bored bloke that didn’t seem interested in anything
and was just waving people through) and then got lost. For a few
hundred metres there were signs saying “baggage claim ->”, but then
they disappeared. We were directed down a corridor marked “No Entry”
and found the blaggage claim conveyors eventually.

Mind you, I forgot to collect one of my bags and had to be escorted
back into there through the secret ‘Staff Only’ door…

Withdrew vast quantities of Irish money from the nearest cash machine
(B&B only took cash, IR250 of it – which turns into GB200) and then
proceeded to hide it since walking around with 50s in your hand is
just silly. Caught a taxi to the B&B (after giving the driver
directions! We’d been in Dublin 10 minutes and already knew the area
better than he did!).

Visited the Guinness brewery. Nice looking building, great view from
the bar on the top floor, and the ticket you get is just… weird. Go
and get one, you’ll understand. Did other sightseeing stuff and
managed to use a 24exp film somehow. Drank mainly Guinness, but twice
decided on a change and had Murphys instead 🙂

Woke up at another insane time to get the 7:30 flight back to
Manchester. Sat for 20 minutes in the airport watching a poor flight
departures PC rebooting itself (crappy DOS-based display trying to
talk SQL to an NT server that didn’t seem to exist, it’d show its BIOS
screen, load DOS, crash, reboot, repeat). In Manchester we saw a
British Airways information LCD screen displaying “System Error”. I
wish I’d not used all my camera film 🙂

All throughout the holiday I was without phone or Internet. It was
nice! My phone was quite happy to talk to ‘IRL Eircall’ or ‘Digifone’
or the mysterious ‘IRL 03’, but wasn’t sure about making calls – the
best I got was “Calls to this number are restricted”. SMS sometimes
worked for about 10 minutes once. Turned my phone on in Manchester
and… had no voicemail or SMS 🙂

Saw places I recognised from the air! We flew over Holyhead, Bangor,
and Liverpool, then over my house! I actually saw the road running
past my house from the air (it looks very small 🙂

It’s the hottest blah blah since records began

Well, probably. The weather people keep coming out with rubbish like that. It has been rather warm though, I’m sat here melting which is a little strange since I spent 3 weeks in the US where I went walking round Hollywood in 50c temperatures and I felt fine.

There’s lots of nasty biting flies around too.

I’ve not updated the code to this site, or written any code at home. Why? well I just can’t be bothered 🙂 I write code all day, and I think I’m suffering from coder’s block (that’ll be C-Coder’s block, {} :-).

I’m going to Ireland for 4 days in July. RyanAir are doing incredibly cheap flights to there for 11! (no, that wasn’t advertising, but anyone who does cheap flights are doing something right :).

Uh oh…

Exam results are out tomorrow. I’m making the trek into Manchester to see what I’ve got. It’ll only cost me £2.10 on the bus – what a bargain! (and the government wonder why people don’t use the busses as much. For £2.10 you can park all day in Manchester, plus you don’t have to sit on a grotty 30yr old bus).

Have almost finished the first three Adrian Mole books, I started them last weekend. One more to go. Things written in a diary-format are interesting to read, aren’t they 🙂

Takes me 10 minutes to get to work. I nolonger feel like collapsing at the top of the big hill that separates my house from work. I need a speedo, I want to know how fast I’m going…