One down, three to go

I’ve finished my HCI assignment. I’m now going to veg out and play Sonic The Hedgehog for a few hours… Once I’ve recovered I’ll continue with my group assignment.

Does anyone who reads this have problems connecting to I don’t mean stuff like ‘404: page not found’, but DNS errors. If you do, and you’ve got some sort of log entry, email it to me.

All I want is a decent text editor

I do… That’s it… Something that lets me have more than one open file, a little tree-view of the current directory, and syntax highlighting.

The best I’ve found is GnotePad+. It doesn’t do syntax highlighting, and the document window doesn’t show every file I have, but it is at least fast (in that screen redraws don’t take more than a second, and you don’t have to watch the menus draw themselves).

I’m sorry Dave, I’m afraid I can’t do that

My neural networks assignment is due in next Friday. It’s not finished yet. I have created a program that makes a network, links all the nodes together, and will even run the thing.

I’ve screwed up the input file though, and haven’t finished the calculations that need to be done. That’s what this weekend is for.

Once this program is finished and working, I need to actually use it and produce some useful output.

I’ll put the finished code up here once the hand-in date has expired.

There’s not enough hours in the day

I have until a week next Monday to write and train a neural network.
I could have used Matlab, but I thought it would be more fun in C++.
First I had to learn C++ (which took about an hour. If you know C
and read the right books it’s not hard to pick up Classes), then
the fun began.

It’s not helped by the fact I have lots of cool ideas for this site,
and no time to do them. My Palm is full of ideas and notes, but until
they invent more hours in the day I can’t do it.

University, and how to crack your own network

I have just finished a University assignment which has to be submitted as an HTML file. We have to hand in a floppy containing the file, and also FTP it to a University account.

I found a blank floppy, popped it in my PC, mounted it, and did an ‘rm *’ on it. I then copied the file and unmounted the floppy.

I get to University, put the floppy in a machine, mount it, and… the old contents of the floppy are still there! And I’m a 2hr bus ride away from home. In a fit of desperation I phone home and discover my sister. Sisters can be useful at times. Through years of training she can perform simple tasks. I got her to connect my firewall to the internet and tell me the IP address. I then telnetted into my firewall, FTP’d the file from my normal PC, used Netscape on this PC to put it on a floppy.

Try doing that with Windows 🙂

Still not dead!

OK, I went away over Christmas to the US with Emily (who now has to stay there because our government fears foreign people and makes it impossible to get a work visa).

America was fun. I did have a diary to paste in here, but after a small accident with my Palm, I don’t. TIP: Back up everything before deleting.

We went to the Grand Canyon for New Year. It was quite nice. Some pictures will appear soon… I can’t decide whether to scan them all in, or get the negatives turned into a PhotoCD (or whatever Kodak calls it now).

I also bought a GoType keyboard, and a battery pack for my Palm. If you’re American, go to Staples, the battery pack is called the ‘E-Go’ and is made by Belkin. UK Stapes probably doesn’t sell it. And $20 for 50 Maxell CD-Rs? I thought that was good. If you’re from UK Customs, I am making all this up.

Back to University tomorrow. Whopee.

A small request

I am looking for work in the US. If you know anyone who’s managed to do similar, how did they do it? I’m writing a CV on (when the site actually loads that is), and will email some of the jobs on as well.