Sunday BBQ

My bucket BBQ needs more modifications, it’s still not good enough. Once up to temperature it cooks food OK, but the area of usable heat is quite small, you can only get two burgers on it. My next plan is to get some chicken wire and tinsnips. The inside of the bucket has a wire stand to keep the fire bucket off the inside of the outer bucket. This inner bucket has very few holes which soon block with ash making a very poor burning BBQ.

If I get rid of the inner bucket completely and – by using the chicken wire to stop the coal falling through – make the fire on top of the wire stand, there’ll be improved airflow and a bigger surface to cook on. The only disadvantage is the entire BBQ will become very hot and all the orange paint might burn off.

The tinsnips will be used to “improve” the airflow into the bottom of the main bucket. There’s nothing technically wrong with the BBQ’s design, but you do wonder if its designers ever tried to cook more than a single burger on one. It quickly becomes obvious that it is a pain in the arse to light.

In the future I will buy a larger BBQ that will work much better.

Weekend BBQ fun

It wasn’t raining at the weekend which means tradition dictates we have a barbequeue barbecue BBQ. Mind you, being English if it was raining we’d still have a BBQ. I’ve lit fires in driving rain before, it’s a necessary skill if you want to burn anything in Britain.

I own a little bucket BBQ from Sainsbury’s, it’s a convenient and portable thing but has a design fault in that there’s not enough holes to let air in. This means the BBQ goes out quite easily, leaving you with a very unsatisfactory semi raw kebab. Rather than admit defeat and turn the grill on, I had a root around in my kitchen and came back with some BBQ lighter fluid, more charcoal and a footpump.

The footpump is necessary after my attempts at blowing on the embers left me feeling somewhat light headed. The footpump worked very well, turning the little bucket BBQ into a little bucket blast-furnace. I’ll modify the BBQ by drilling more holes in it to improve airflow; Summer’s coming and there’s more food to turn into elemental carbon.

I like to do my BBQ cooking outside my front door, which faces a busy main road. I do have a perfectly good back yard to do this on, but it’s unfair on my neighbours if my BBQ makes their washing smell bad. I also like the idea of people coming down the road seeing someone hunched over a bucket of fire cooking meat. It’s grim up north, we cook our food over open fires outside our houses 😉

I’m now looking at my garden incinerator and wondering how to hook a plastic footpump up to that without it melting. One of those chiminea garden heaters might be a nice purchase in the future.

Weekend of BBQ and Fun

This weekend I’m at Amy’s to have a BBQ and visit the Meadowhall Shopping Centre to re-enact Dead Rising take my MacBook back to the Apple store to be repaired. After sorting out my house for the coming week I set off and due to some accidentally good timing arrived in time to collect Jonny and Vikki from the bus station.

Beer now, Meadowhell tomorrow.