Time becomes a loop

I just noticed my blog/website has been running for just over 10 years which is a reasonable achievement. During that time I’ve written about various things and it’s kind of fun to go back and read through the entries.

This month, ten years ago I’d been playing around with my Palm IIIx and had managed to connect it to the Internet. A task that I do several times daily with my iPad and iPhone – technologies that were unheard of at the time. If you flick through older entries there’s a recurring theme of me owning some sort of portable device that connects to the Internet. I’ve had a Palm IIIx, a Nokia N800, Nokia N810 and then a selection of Apple devices. Gradually over the years I’ve seen Wifi going from a nerd’s toy to something as common as a lightswitch.

Broadband’s been fun to watch develop too, I first got a “Wires only” ADSL account (this simply meant you bought the service with no hardware, so had to buy an ADSL router yourself – this was when ADSL was originally delivered into your Windows PC via the “Squashed Frog” USB modem) and was utterly gobsmacked at being able to download a gigabyte of data in a few days. Then I was totally surprised when I had the speed bumped up to 2 meg.

Now I can easily download data at a rate faster than the home network my first ADSL router used to be connected to! How technology marches on. Hello future me! How do we connect to the Internet now?

I’ve also been to lots of places over the years, and had a few interesting little adventures along the way. I’ve also discovered whole new realms of boredom!

Anyway, it’s gone midnight and I need to get up tomorrow so I can visit Ikea and buy a new desk, go to the rubbish dump and also wait for a Tesco delivery. Yes, I’ve gone from jumping into water and climbing up rocks to shopping for desks and buying food. If I have time left I might continue my coding adventures in C++ and OpenGL on my iPad – some things never change πŸ˜‰

I just did a whois on my domain. I registered the domain on the 31st May 2000, and it seems we filled in the form incorrectly since the address is no longer valid, and the registrant was never at that address. Oh well, I doubt anyone cares. I’ve had my shell provider for the past 10 years too, and in that time can’t recall any noticeable downtime.

Livejournal, further down the toilet hole it goes…

Times must be hard at LiveJournal central, what with Facebook being the latest successful emo trap, and Twitter letting the bored instantly tell each other the frequency of their bowel movements that they need new ways to annoy us.

How about… irritating pop up adverts after you post replies? Yeah, that’ll help make people want to stay!

So what’s the current Livejournal Deathwatch at? Dead by 2011? There can’t be many more months left in it.

Reason #1 why I host my own blog

While attempting to read a friend’s Livejournal, I got this…

You’ve been temporarily banned from accessing LiveJournal, perhaps because you were hitting the site too quickly. Please make sure that you’re following our Bot Policy. If you have questions, contact us at webmaster@livejournal.com with the following information

I’ve actually just spent the past hour watching telly, and having just retried it’s OK so I think LJ went a bit mad. Storing data in “the cloud” is great, until the cloud decides it doesn’t like you any more.

Sprinkler Rainbow’s

I keep a little blog called Insane in the Membrane which links to various YouTube videos that show conspiracy nuts and crazy religious people frothing at the mouth.Β It’s not updated that frequently so you won’t get spammed with information, it’s just videos that’ll amuse you. All videos, no long rambling texts. Kind of like late night TV. Brain off, watch the pretty images and giggle.

Here’s one I just found, all about rainbow’s[sic]

Sprinkler Rainbows

Error_success : A new programming blog

If you’re not a techie, please wait for another post from me that isn’t full of nerd πŸ™‚

However… if you’re interested in software development and programming, you could do worse than visit a new blog I’ve just finished setting up. You’ll find it at the handy URL of http://error_success.piku.org.uk. It’s going to be full of techie programming stuff in an attempt to keep me motivated with coding.

From now on, all my coding posts will be on my new blog, Error_Success (or should that be ERROR_SUCCESS πŸ˜‰ )

Due to a slight technical problem with the WordPress-LiveJournal cross post plugin, you won’t see posts from Error_Success in my LiveJournal Feed, you’ll need to visit the site directly or subscribe to the RSS feed. I’d also like comments posting on the new blog too, rather than in LJ – you won’t need to log in or pass any Captcha tests to do this, I’m giving Akismet and my own ‘delete’ key a test instead.

Web Address: http://error_success.piku.org.uk

RSS Feed: http://feeds.feedburner.com/Error_success

For your viewing amusement

The Internet is full of bonkers people, as my last post shows. To provide some light entertainment in these serious and depressing times, I present to you the Insane in the MembraneΒ blog.

The Internet… a place where anyone can post their opinions, no matter how ill informed or downright crazy they may be. Is the world going to end today, tomorrow or next week? Are aliens from other dimensions going to materialise and make out with your sister? Who knows… well the people mentioned here think they do. Read on πŸ™‚

Think of it as a showcase for all the weird and downright crazy websites and YouTube videos that exist. It’s a bit like those late night telly programs that show people doing odd things, only without the canned laughter.

Should you find a website deserving of a mention, please tell me and I will have a look. Right now LHC related things are fair game, as are the Scientology lot, but if you know of any other crazed loons that need a bit of free public ridicule, add a comment.

If you are a crazed loon, feel free to also comment.

Please direct all humour failures to the nearest wall since any angry or abusive emails sent to me will be posted as a matter of course. πŸ™‚

Webby Site Update

It’s not quite finished, but I present my updated website. Rather than seeing my blog on the front page, it’s been moved back behind the main site. I’ll be using my main site to write about my hardware and software projects and other technology related things. This blog will become my place to write about everything else, along with some cross-posting of new things on my main site.

This blog will continue to be cross-posted to LiveJournal, but the main site won’t; there’s no Drupal plugin to do that, and it’d clog my LJ up.

So if you like tech, soldering irons, code and watching someone with no formal training in electronics taking stuff apart you can do worse than visit my main website.

Eventually, when I’ve taken the photos, there will be a section for my increasingly large Retro Computing Collection. I have a lot of retro games consoles and computers, so many that I can’t actually remember what I own so a catalogue is next on my list of things to make.

Attention LiveJournal Readers!

I have modified my WordPress settings so you can now comment on my posts without having to visit my blog. You can remain safely in LJ and just comment like usual.

This will mean I have comments separate to my WordPress blog, but I like the idea of reading the comments and writing a new post on any interesting discussions that could happen.

This is also a test post to check I’ve done it correctly πŸ˜‰

And thanks to for discovering the LJ User Ex plugin. Of course, it helps if you type the tag using ‘Code’ mode of the editor!