Error_success : A new programming blog

If you’re not a techie, please wait for another post from me that isn’t full of nerd 🙂

However… if you’re interested in software development and programming, you could do worse than visit a new blog I’ve just finished setting up. You’ll find it at the handy URL of It’s going to be full of techie programming stuff in an attempt to keep me motivated with coding.

From now on, all my coding posts will be on my new blog, Error_Success (or should that be ERROR_SUCCESS 😉 )

Due to a slight technical problem with the WordPress-LiveJournal cross post plugin, you won’t see posts from Error_Success in my LiveJournal Feed, you’ll need to visit the site directly or subscribe to the RSS feed. I’d also like comments posting on the new blog too, rather than in LJ – you won’t need to log in or pass any Captcha tests to do this, I’m giving Akismet and my own ‘delete’ key a test instead.

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