Greenhouse construction

It occurred to me that since both of our greenhouses appear to be identical, joining them together might be a good plan. There weren’t many problems moving the other one, although we’re now short of a few pieces of glass, and picking tempered glass cubes out the soil is going to be an ongoing activity when I dig over the ground where it used to sit.

The insides of both have been leveled and covered with weed matting and gravel to keep the weeds out, and give some drainage to plants inside.

I just need to go and buy some more glass and fit it, then the greenhouse will be done and things can be grown inside it!

Greenhouse construction

We have obtained a new greenhouse, but unlike the previous one it requires building. We used our other one as a reference and managed to get most of the frame built before our fingers froze in the cold. Aluminium is an excellent conductor of heat.

One problem we had was some of the bolts holding it together were damaged and sheared off as we tightened them. However they’re easily available on eBay and very cheap. Once they arrive we’ll finish the frame and put the glass in.