Blogs and websites I like to read

I use Google Reader to follow quite a lot of websites, blogs and anything else interesting that squirts out an RSS feed. For the curious, here is a list of my favourites. I’m leaving out the well known things like XKCD, Dilbert, Hack-a-day and so on.

I often find these kinds of sites while browsing around the comment fields of popular websites. It’s fun to click the random links in people’s signatures…

What are your favourite websites to visit? I’m always interested in new things to read.

Human-readable hyperlinks in Drupal

This is done using the User Aliases module, URL rewriting, and the pathauto module.

I’ve been hacking Drupal a bit and enabled human-friendly hyperlinks. Drupal stores all its pages as ‘nodes’, with a unique number. This makes it really hard for people to understand links before clicking on them, and also means search engines can’t index pages properly. So now if you click on things in my main site you’ll see more useful names for the hyperlinks.

I have also done this to my huge photo archive. This archive is every single photo I’ve ever taken, neatly organised by the place it was taken. It’s hosted off my own server in my house, across my ADSL line so don’t expect amazing speeds.