CFL bulbs behaving oddly

Like most people, my house is full of energy saving compact flourescent light bulbs. Like most people I bought the cheapest I could find – 50p each cheap from Tesco. Those long 21w CFL bulbs that are about six inches long.

I’ve just been sat in the dark staring at the one in my bedroom ceiling light fitting. Why? Well it was flashing at me. Only the switch is off and the bulb has been off for at least an hour.

It randomly, but every five seconds or so gives off a brief flash that either lights the whole bulb or just the end – with the power off.

So, apart from potential demons in the loft chewing on the wiring I am left with an explanation equally strange. Earlier this evening there was a huge rain storm and some lightning. It is still raining but the lightning has stopped. All I can think is that the hous wirin is acting like an antenna and picking up enough stray energy to briefly energise the bulb. CFL bulbs are odd like that, you can light them using static electricity, microwave ovens or those cool plasma domes.

It’s cool, but also a bit freaky when your bedroom light starts flashing, it’s a bit X-Files.

Pretty crap really

First the Slackware bootdisks don’t work (it asks for disk 6 of 5?!), so I had to dismantle another PC to put the drives in. Then I had to turn off DMA mode so they drives actually worked.

Add to that the quite frustrating and annoying fact I didn’t pass the first interview for that programming job and you could say I’ve had a pretty shit beginning of this week.

Oh well, I’ve “applied” to some jobs I found on the web, so we’ll see if any of them show even a vague interest.

There’s been some really cool thunder and lightning outside today. Proper big rolling thunder and strobe-like lightning. Definately not the day to be playing golf 🙂

To balance out all this crapness, follow the link at the bottom for something very cool. Well done Yak 🙂