FOUND – Nephilim bones and religious spam

The Internet, such a useful method of communication allowing both the normal and the slightly unhinged to communicate with ease. Spreading their information far and wide, causing much amusement to all. Today, having had a whole long weekend devoted to God-bothering it’s religious nutbags and giants…

Quite a lot of images in this one, so hit the ‘read more’ link…

Still here? So are the giants…

Hey warriors
How’s the bible reading? Please do share some insights, some new revelation?
Here’s something interesting for you to read.
We will meet first time this Friday at 9.30 a.m. LH to watch our first video lesson.
Sorry Andrew you can’t join us…i will try to pass you the DVD on friday after we finished and you have to return on sunday, i am sharing with another leader. thanks

Official picture of a giant, no photoshop used at all

Nephilim are the giants spoken of in biblical times by Enoch and the giant David fought against (Goliath). These Giants came about when the fallen angels had union with earthly women.

Gen 6:4
There were giants on earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bear children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown.

Greece is a country known for having lots of giants

Num 13:33
And there we saw the giants, the sons of Anak, which come of the giants: and we were in our own sight as grasshoppers, and so we were in their sight.

Just to show that the Bible is true with history lessons that is applicable both then and today and it is not just a spiritual book only. So if He says that we must be born again to have eternal life and that He is coming back again, it means just that.

God Bless

Proof of the existence of Nephilim. (Greece)

This is amazing. Not that the scriptures haven’t already been proven true, but now more than ever here’s evidence for our times.

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