Camellia sinensis – the tea bush, Rubiaceae Coffea – the coffee plant

Before Christmas I ordered a Tea & Coffee ‘grow it’ kit from Gift Republic, and now the weather has become less Arctic I’ve planted the seeds.

Since the coffee seeds/beans require a soil temperature of 25-30c to germinate (and up to six months before seedlings appear!) I bought a heated propagator to help them along. My house is quite cold and the seeds would never germinate otherwise. Hopefully by the time seedlings appear it’ll be summer and much warmer.

The tea plant’s seeds are large beanlike objects, bigger than peas and quite hard. ‘Raw’ coffee plant seeds are white and require soaking in warm water for several hours prior to planting. Provided with the seeds were five coir pots and dehydrated compost and some labelling sticks.

I took some other photos, follow this link to see my tea plant and coffee plant photos. Hopefully the seeds will germinate and I’ll be able to provide more progress. Also in the heated propagator are the seeds from some carnivorous plants I bought. These have yet to show any signs of life, I hope they’ve not rotted.

Very chilli

It got a bit cold last night. So cold that I had to pile an extra three layers onto my bed to keep me warm. We also had the first frost last night so I made the decision to move my chilli plants indoors where it’s warmer. I’m pretty amazed that they’re continuing to produce peppers, and that they’re big, bright, shiny red peppers too. The last plants I grew produced loads of fruit, but then dropped dead. Perhaps I can keep these plants growing all year.

Hopefully bringing the plants indoors will also produce more spicy peppers.