Tall and Small things

At the weekend me and Amy went to a village fete in a tiny village called Amcotts where Amy had a stall selling jewellery she’s been making. While we were there, a nice man on stilts made us a balloon animal. The weather was nice and sunny, but we were sat under trees so didn’t get sunburnt or too warm, however the weather was very windy.


While sitting under the tree a shield bug landed on my head. I’ve never seen these in person before but after removing it from my head the bug seemed quite happy to wander about on my hands, and since some local children at the fete seemed interested, I gave it to them to look at for a while. Later a bit of research taught me the shield bug’s real name is “Pentatomoidea” which is possibly the best name for a creature I’ve heard, and it is also known as a “stink bug” due to its ability to create a foul smelling liquid as a defense mechanism. Fortunately I didn’t learn that the hard way!

On the way home we stopped by the local wind farm to have a look. They’re in the middle of a set of fields and with some minor scrambling through bushes it’s possible to get very close. I can understand why people complain about the size of them and their location, but the only sounds made were a gentle whooshing sound of the wind and a curious whining sound from the nearest turbine. It was a very windy day so this might have been some sort of speed-restricting mechanism preventing the blades from spinning too quickly.

Look at the lens distortion on that photo!
Wind turbines in Scunthorpe

These photos were taken with my compact Ricoh Caplio GX100 which is proving to be a handy little camera, capable of taking some nice photos. It has a few characteristics in its operation you need to appreciate in order to get decent photos from it, but I find I can usually run the camera in Auto mode and press the shutter button. It has a great macro mode with excellent auto focus, ideal for capturing small creatures running over your hands!

Nice weather for ducks, better weather for fish

3780705633_7aab5700c5Yesterday me, Amy and her two nephews went fishing at Messingham Sands, a fishing pond outside Scunthorpe. The weather was pretty awful, with a torrential downpour sending us home eventually around 4pm. However, before the intense rain we enjoyed some periods of dry weather and managed to catch some fish. I think we caught about four each, the one in the picture above was one I caught.

Fish are really stupid, they came quite close to the banks, so one tactic I tried was dropping my line just in front of the fish, Animal Crossing style, and then waited for the fish to bite. It worked too (although the fish were so close to the bank I could have just reached down and picked one up). I wonder if they become “tame”, being used to getting caught all the time…

I’ve not been proper fishing like this before, so it was nice actually catching something.