Configuring Service Pack…

Please wait while we inconvenience you...

So I’m back at work next Thursday (no, don’t ask, nobody knows why) and since I have a bit¬†craploads of work to do before then I figured now would be a good time to start.

So I boot my work netbook containing my files. And it boots, then happily informs me there are updates being installed. This is fine, it’s Windows, being irritating is usual. The updates finish and the machine starts pestering me to reboot so deciding I’d like to get my work done instead of watching PCs reboot I figured I could just copy the files onto a USB stick and use my Mac instead. The netbook can go off and do its thing, I can do some work.

But no, instead the computer is so obsessed with these new updates it has that it won’t stop fiddling with its HDD, making even the simple task of wiping a USB stick impossible. It’s like someone replaced my PC with a 286. Fine, Windows wins, let’s reboot.

And five minutes of installing updates later, it reboots. Then five minutes of configuring updates later the desktop is back… where Windows informs me it’s found an update to install. Twenty odd minutes later Windows 7 SP1 is downloaded and installing, and that only takes about quarter of an hour.

Oh yeah, and the batteries in my mouse on my Mac went dead, and my USB stick has a virus on it.

I think I’ll give up and try again later.