UPS do SMS chat lines now…

So I’m waiting for a parcel to arrive. I’ve got a tracking number and UPS even knows it exists.

They have a handy option to send updates via SMS. It isn’t supported in the UK though, even though there’s a drop down to choose a UK mobile number.


Seems good so far. Type number in, press button. Even a way to opt out of future spam.


Oh, OK so I need to opt in, fair enough… 69877 you say?


Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. Abort. Abort. Abort. Burn phone. Change number.

Maybe UPS need to test this system in the UK more.

SMS Spam from 01133086113

I keep getting this SMS every few weeks/months from some place called ‘Hamptons’

Miss Eppie Taylor, it is important that we speak to you today. Call Hamptons on 01133086113 quoting ref 97551270

It also occasionally comes from some place called ‘Lowell’ with a phone number of 01133086108, or a place called ‘Red’ with a number of 01133086119. They all have the same message with the same ‘ref’ number.

I also once got an automated voice call to my mobile from one of these, but the message was so garbled and fuzzy I couldn’t work out what was being said.

Surreal Saturday

Isn’t it awful being woken up by the phone ringing? It means you’ve got to go from being asleep to talking to another human in about two seconds. isn’t it even worse when you can’t find the damn phone and by the time you do they’ve hung up? You could have just stayed in bed asleep.

So I pick up the phone this morning after excavating it from the mess in my office and stare bleary-eyed at the display to read the caller ID. On it I see my own number… right, that’s odd. Let’s ring 1471 to see who called. The BT robot dutifully says

Telephone number 01xxx xxxxxx called today at 8 am. To return the call using BT, press 3

The number she reads out is my own phone number. The number of the phone I have in my hand. Somehow my own phone number has managed to ring itself.

I hang up in confusion and then decide to ring it, just to check I’m not in some strange universe. When I pick up the line again I hear the modified ringtone that says I have a waiting voicemail, so instead I go to check that. It turns out to be a voice text, which is what happens when people SMS landline phones. I press the required button to listen to it.

I stand there slightly confused as the slightly robotic BT voicemail lady appears to be coming onto me. She then finishes her slightly dodgy message by reading out the number of the person sending the text…

To save my sister the embarrassment, I won’t write the text message here but I now know she was drunk this morning at half four and couldn’t wait to get home to see her boyfriend. I also know that in her phone I must be listed just above her boyfriend in the phone book.

She’ll work this out when she wakes up and reads her Facebook updates 😉

For those that’ve never received an SMS to their landline, it gets read out by the same BT robot that does the 1471 stuff, it then reads out the digits of the sending phone’s number rather than a name or anything.