Snowpocalypse, Winter 2010

Due to the rather cold and snowy weather last week I was unable to go to work. We were open on Monday, but then it snowed hard Monday night. Our valiant ground staff managed to clear qthe site …

However then it snowed again and undid all their hard work…

So we remained closed while the bad weather passed over, and after hiring a JCB for a few days the site was declared safe to return today on Monday.

Here are some huge icicles hanging over one of the glass porches at work.

While trying to take those photos I tried an old Canon A85, however I think there’s something wrong with its image sensor…

Snow Day

School’s shut because of the snow 🙂 I got a text at 6:45 saying “School shut, stay in bed”. I’ve not looked outside yet to see what the snow is like, but I can hear cars going past the window so the motorway and road into town is open. Either the snow around school is really bad, or a load of people from the surrounding areas woke up this morning and thought “nah, not today”.

And I just found this via the magic of the Internet…

Nottingham Council's webcam...

Am I in Some Strange Parallell Universe?

OK, I’m fairly sure the world is still working properly but…

1. I’ve had a few cans of beer to drink

2. It’s snowing

3. … in October

4. We just heard The Internet is for Porn on Radio 1 (that’s the national, BBC radio station…)

5. I’ve watched HD videos on a screen so large, HD video looks as small as YouTube does on a 19″ monitor.

6. Using Google Earth on my iPod Touch I’ve managed to locate myself exactly using nothing more than WiFi access points. And I crashed an iPhone within two minutes of touching it – despite having owned an iPod Touch for around 2 months with no problems.

Mad 🙂

A better effort


This is more like it. As I left school there were gentle flutterings which increased to more substantial looking flakes the nearer to home that I got. Quite glad I bought that new windscreen wiper blade now.

The path down to our house is steep, smooth and is covered in a fine layer of snow, creating a passable interpretation of a luge run. It’s bad enough in the rain when a thin coating of green slime wakes up and begins breeding. Apply ice and snow to the surface and there’s the makings of something worse than Teflon or that black goo I found when ghyll scrambling. I had to go and find some grit from somewhere. I have just invented a new sport. It’s called the “half mile grit bucket carry”.

What you have to do is go for a half mile walk looking for a grit bin that actually contains grit. Not dogshit, rubbish or brown evil smelling water. Then walk back to your house, slide down the nasty alleyway ramp and get a mop bucket.

Take said bucket carefully back up the slippy alleyway ramp (the ultimate destination for your precious cargo of grit) and go back to the source of your grit – in my case the local cemetery. Fill bucket and carry back home, resisting the urge to stop.

Score points for every passer by who gives you a really odd look. Try to ignore the stinging pain in your hands from the cold and the salt soaking into your fingers.


It’s snowing 🙂

However the snow seems to be going either horizontally or upwards. Very little of it is hitting the ground.

Ooh the wind just switched 180 degrees. There’s all sorts of turbulence happening as the snow gets blown through the trees and meets air coming down the road.

The snowflakes are moving at just the right speed for me to see their movements. It’s as if the snowflakes are chasing each other and flocking together. And yet they don’t seem to hit each other.

This appeals greatly to the part of me that wants to write this in code 🙂

So close, and yet so far…


Tried going up the Watkin Path to the top of Snowdon today. Were beaten back by ice and snow. No snow falling from the sky, just slippy stuff on the ground that I fell over on. We decided the final climb was too dangerous and came back.

There’s a weird bit on the path where some miners used to live. Across the river is an old railway (that if you follow it goes through a swamp and down the side of the mountain straight) which leads to some derelict miner’s buildings. Just outside one building is a strange area of land with loads of slate stuck in it.

Soap flavouring…

Why do cherry lips taste like soap? (those tiny lip-shaped sweets your local newsagent probably sells). And why, when I know what they taste like, did I go and buy some?

Went to the Lake District at the weekend. Got caught in a blizzard on Saturday. It’s interesting flailing around in a blizzard, unable to see where you’re going. My GPS was telling us to go in the right direction, only it was doing the straight-line route, and we can’t walk up near-vertical cliffs 🙂 On Sunday it was raining and windy so we came home. Good job really since all my clothes were wet because they’d spent the night on the youth hostel drying room floor.

Ambleside YHA is a bit posh. I was expecting a couple of rooms with beds in, and a self-serve cooking area. Not a restaurant, 3 TV rooms, a games room, and more corridors and passageways than a Doom level. It was also invaded by about 40 Americans. They must have been in the UK for a while, they were nolonger moaning about the cold and the rain. Apparently they’d been to somewhere called “Eddin-burrow”, wonder where that is… 😉